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Hi! My name is Steve Barrett founder of The Eden Project. (a Christian personals service) It is our deepest wish that our brothers and sisters in Christ will benefit from the content of this site.

At the young age of twelve I was saved. My father died which left me spiritually bewildered. As I grew older the restlessness of youth and atheistic teachings of successive public school courses eventually caused my faith to grow dim. Dim is probably an understatement.

It seems now that forces conspired to squelch and extinguish my faith in God and the Bible. My experience has been that every school has at least one teacher or professor whose life’s mission is to destroy the faith of young impressionable Christian students they have in attendance. These types tended to gravitate towards me, or was it me toward them.

As the years passed the combination of military service, and college did nothing to turn me back around, and unfortunately I continued on to become a self-proclaimed atheist.


My new god was science or knowledge. Apart from aerospace engineering I spent thousands of hours over the years studying the main pillars of atheism – evolution philosophy and psychology.

Life was not going well! On the outside one might have seen a young man going to college with excellent grades and a great marriage, but big trouble was brewing. You see, my beliefs were beginning to undermine virtually every area of my life.

I was not the Nietzsche superman that I thought I was. Due to my increased carnal appetites and excessive love of self my marriage and life would soon be in a shambles. Divorce, alcohol, drugs, and sex would almost destroy me in the coming years.

The Lord sent Christians my way to witness through the years, but I was too bitter to receive what they really had to say. Instead I tried to argue evolution with them. This kept me from having to deal with the gospel message. Unfortunately for me the Christians sent could not overcome my atheistic objections to the creation account which is so vital to Christianity. I thought that Christians were largely ignorant because they could not articulate why they believed in God. They usually told me they believed because the Bible said it was so; this was not good enough for me, I needed proof.

That proof came in the most unsuspected fashion. My mother (who was a Christian to my dismay) asked me to read a book written by an astronomer named Hugh Ross. The title of the book was Creation and Time. I had read other Christian apologetics on creation and figured this would be another self-discrediting rag. But, since my mother gave it to me I figured I should do the good son thing and show her the errors of its contents.

On December seventeenth, 1996 Dr. Ross hit me with an atheistic show stopper! I had no rebuttal for once. There was now no defense for what I believed. This book exposed everything I believed as a lie in a most powerful way. I had heard all of the arguments against evolution up to this point and was well inoculated against them, but this was a new argument that caught me off guard. It was so powerful and overwhelming that I wasted no time in getting on my knees and saying the sinner’s prayer. (As best I knew how) I will never forget the flood of emotion at that moment that I made my decision for Christ. To try to describe it would do an injustice, but if you have been saved you know what I mean.

Do you want to know what the show stopper was that blew evolution out the window for me? Dr. Ross explained in a stepwise fashion the odds against us being here. He started with the Gravitational constant which if changed in strength plus or minus by even one part in 30 million the universe could not have formed. Therefore life could not be possible.

Then he showed that if the Strong nuclear force were changed by only one part in 10,000 and the weak force by one part in 100,000 then we could not have matter and thus no life.

After this he demonstrated that if the electromagnetic force was off by only one part in 1 billion life would not be possible.

He then went on to show the careful precision tuning of the universe which made it possible for life to flourish on this planet. Chance could not account for these fortuitous events taking place the only other plausible explanation of course was that there must have been a creator who set the parameters for the strength of these forces.

Of course there was much more than I am relating here, but you get the picture. There had to be a caring designer for such precision, and I realized this as soon as I saw it.

Instead of giving the book back to my mother with a condescending lecture on the errors of Christianity I gave her one of the biggest surprises of her life. I told her that I had been saved! We both rejoiced. She knew that I was a tough customer and that made it even sweeter. It was a bit ironic that my mother (very mild mannered) should be the one chosen by God to lead me back to the Lord. I least expected that she could ever have a hand in budging this stubborn skeptic. I suppose I expected that if anyone were to bring a change in me it would have been by fire, revelation, or earthquake or something more than a meek servant like my mom. Thank God she did not give up!


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